Classes for Kids

Farsi Class for KidsIn the past few years, quite a few parents have asked me to teach Farsi to their children of various ages. At first, I was not sure how effective an online Farsi class for kids could be, but now I can confidently say that an online language class can be as fun (if not more!) for most young learners.

For toddlers, at least one parent is requested to be present in the class, so the class may be informative and fun for parents too! For kids aged 4 and above, however, the parents have the option to accompany the child or to allow him/her to attend the class by himself/herself. In either case, an online class can be both an enjoyable experience and the most practical option for parents who are interested in exposing their children to Farsi early on without having to limit themselves to local tutors or strict schedules.

I use special teaching material designed by myself in order to help children learn Farsi in a fun and entertaining manner. Most of my material for kids is based on visual stimulation techniques in order to keep the child entertained and focused on the lesson presented. There are periodic review sessions and a lot of reinforcement. My program also considers my learner’s natural areas of interest: if your child is into sports, then we will have a lot of sports-related material to work on. If your child likes nature and animals, instead, we will have new words to learn related to those topics.

Learning Farsi for Children

I have worked with quite a few kids so far and I can tell you that most of them have enjoyed challenging themselves in the process of learning Farsi. I have been impressed by their curiosity, passion, and originality. Honestly, I have enjoyed teaching kids so much that I have actually decided to focus on developing more and more specific material for them in the years to come.

One last word: if your child has been diagnosed with learning difficulties or if you think he or she may have some difficulty learning a language, we have a bilingual psychologist on board who can work with your child! Just let me know and I will introduce her to you and your child.

Farsi Class for Kids: Categories

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  • Online Farsi Class for Toddlers

15 Minutes / € 15: Request this Class!


  • Online Farsi Class for Students Aged 4-7

20 Minutes / € 20: Request this Class!


  • Online Farsi Class for Students Aged 8-12

25 Minutes / € 25: Request this Class!


  • Online Farsi Class for Students Aged 13 -16

30 Minutes / € 30: Request this Class!


Remember that if your child is above the age of 16, he or she can take a standard online class.