Job Opportunities for Farsi Speakers or Students

“The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation,” said Mark Twain, the legendary writer who wrote one the most celebrated American novels read and appreciated by many, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Career woman jumping to new heights of success: Persian / Farsi Jobs

My Career Story

Back in Iran, when I was a student of English Literature, I had the privilege of reading this book and many other literary works written in English as part of the required coursework or in order to write papers for various projects. It was a difficult process (I had to look up every single word in an old dictionary), but it was also enjoyable, as my work consisted of doing what I loved most: delving into many beauties of English language and literature.

After I graduated, I started working in a language center in Tehran, as an English tutor, and well, it really felt like a vacation. I had happened to do the right thing: learning something for the sheer pleasure of it, but also ending up with a rewarding career in the process.

Languages and Your Dream Job

I think languages, in this sense, are a fertile ground for those looking for an enjoyable career. Learning a language is an investment with multi-fold returns: not only it opens your mind to new experiences, and perhaps even encourages you to explore new concepts altogether, but also it can give you an obvious advantage over other job applicants in a certain field:

In today’s world, many people are already bilingual or trilingual, and most employers not only appreciate this but actually expect it when they consider hiring new employees. Despite the seemingly nationalistic politics popping up in different parts of the world, borders are being dissolved through the rapid growth of technology and a collective tendency to bypass the social, racial or cultural limits in favor of the mutual human experience. In this context, learning a new language is not only an intelligent option but may very well be a necessary choice in the near future.

There are, of course, so many languages to learn, but how would you choose which one suits you from a professional perspective?

My advice is simple: always go with your heart’s desire. Learning a language is like having a life-long romance: you have to love it, and despite all the hardships which may arise, you have to be patient and stay committed to it in order to reap the rewards.

Red Rose on a Hafez Book: Persian Language
Listen to some Hafez Poems to see if you like how Persian sounds.

Why Farsi?

If the sound of Persian delights your heart, if you find pleasure in listening to classical Persian poetry or modern Persian rap, if you enjoy watching Iranian movies or you fancy a trip to Persepolis, by all means, dive in and get started with the life-long affair of learning Persian.

But I also want to remind you that despite all the “romance” involved if you choose to learn Persian, you will also have a very practical reason to do it:

Persian has been listed as one of the 60 critical languages emphasized by NSEP, therefore you can imagine the number of job opportunities available in the USfor those who speak, read and write this language.

Outside of the US, Persian translators and interpreters are also in high demand in countries with large immigrant communities coming from the Persian-speaking world.

With the growing interest in cultural studies and the relatively small number of Persian-speakers (compared to other strategic languages such as Mandarin, Hindi or Arabic), learning Persian will mean a smaller circle of competitors and thus a higher chance for you to land the right job. Besides, Persian is relatively easy to learn for those speaking a European language, because of the fact that it is an Indo-European language.

The “Farsi Job Board” on Persian Experts is one of the best places for you to find positions that require Persian language skills. If you are already a native speaker of Persian looking for job opportunities, or if you are a student of Persian looking for professional reasons to continue your classes and expand your skills, this will be the ultimate source to go to.

I hope with the help of many valuable resources created for Farsi lovers, you can invite new opportunities for professional growth, a better income, and ultimately, a more fulfilling vocation, one that almost feels like a vacation for you.

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