About Us

Farsi Wizard's Team

Are you curious about Farsi Wizard’s team? We are passionate about languages, literature, translation, teaching and mentoring, intercultural exchange, and creative projects. Our team members come from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, but they all share a passion for promoting the beauty of Persian language, literature, and culture.

Creator and Tutor:

Tina Rahimi

Iranian-born teacher and tutor, based in Spain and the US. Tina’s passion for interdisciplinary studies, writing and teaching led her to create Farsi Wizard in 2011.

Filming, Editing, and Accounting:

Amides Pozo

Our dedicated cameraman, editor, translator, and accountant, based in Spain. Amides joined our team in 2013 and has been indispensable for our smooth operation since then.

Graphic Design, Concept Development, and Quality Control:

Stefano Soranzo

Italian-born artist, based in Switzerland. Stefano has been with us since 2014, inspiring us with his original designs, product ideas, and cross-cultural projects.


Robert Slover

American musician and composer, based in the US. Robert has been composing original pieces for us, featuring various musical styles and instruments since 2020.


Yadi Rahimi

Yadi has been taking photos for us since 2020. He has also given us constructive feedback regarding our videos and creative projects.

Assistant Writer:

Soosan Abolmaali

Soosan has created bilingual recipes and gathered content for our books since 2020. She helps us produce bilingual books for all Persian learners from around the world.

Tech Support:

Hossein Rahimi

Hossein has been helping us with technical issues, web development, and web management since the very conception of Farsi Wizard, making our online presence possible.

If you consider yourself passionate about any of the topics mentioned above and would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch and let us know what you can offer. Farsi Wizard’s team can always expand and we will be happy to welcome new team members who can share our vision!