Learning Materials

Farsi Learning MaterialHere you can find fun Farsi learning materials, including Grammar Sheets, links to Persian Songs with their lyrics, and a link to FarsiWizard’s Bilingual Food Recipes.

In my private online classes, I use similar materials and much more: custom-designed Verb Sheets, Expression Sheets, the translation of your favorite texts or simply guidelines on how to get ready for a special Persian occasion.

Remember that I also offer free video lessons on my YouTube Channel which you can Subscribe to and follow.

Farsi / Persian Level Test for English Speakers (PDF File):


Sample Grammar Articles:

Let’s talk about “love”:  Farsi “To Love” VERB-SHEET

Conversational Verb Conjugation: To Say

Sample Farsi Learning Material for Intermediate Students:

“Messy Cats” Text: Messy Cats_Story (I include the recorded audio version for my online students.)

Fun Listening Practice (Level 1)

Kooh [Mountain] by Shadmehr Aghili

Khoone-ye Maa [Our House] by Marjan Farsad

Eshgh [Love] by Homayoun Nazemi

Fun Listening Practice (Level 2)

Saa’at Bar-gard! [Turn Back, Clock!] by Sogand

Traditional Song “Navaayi” [A Melody] by Darya Dadvar

Jaan-e Aashegh [The Spirit of the Lover] by Mah-Banu Ensemble

Fun Bilingual Food Recipes 

Persian cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, with recipes coming from centuries ago still in use. There are many wonderful Persian food blogs all over the internet, but to my knowledge, none of them offers bilingual food recipes for Farsi students.

Tina’s Mom has come to rescue, offering her own modernized, super-healthy, cholesterol-friendly, no-frills bilingual recipes for those who are interested in learning Farsi while having some fun in the kitchen. You do not need to have any culinary skills to try these, as Tina’s Mom will show you how to prepare any Persian dish in simple steps in less than an hour.

The recipes are presented in a bilingual format, and the ingredients are both hand-written and typed in Farsi, along with their English translation, so you can get plenty of reading and writing practice while trying these yummy dishes.

By the way, those who are interested in a more traditional approach to Persian food (with all the extra salt and oil and excessive frying of herbs and vegetables) can simply Google “Traditional Persian Recipes” and I am sure they will find many wonderful resources. Otherwise, you have landed on the right page 🙂

Bilingual Healthy Persian Recipes Here!