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Farsi Persian Online Lessons

Congratulations on wanting to learn Farsi / Persian by choosing my Farsi Classes! Let me accompany you on your exciting journey of learning Farsi. You will encounter many wonders on the road, so as our beloved Persian poet Hafez (1325-1390) says:

Color your robe with wine, if this is what Old Magi says,
Trust in this traveler’s guide, showing you many paths and tips.

What Type of Farsi Classes do I offer?

Regardless of your current level, you can choose any class that you like. I offer quite a wide range of options:

  •  All levels (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Conversational skills (alphabet-free!)
  • Trips to Iran, Seminars, and Invitations
  • Cultural Tips (Dating, love, and marriage, etc.)
  • Writing (Understanding all the dots and lines!)
  • Media (Understanding newspapers, Radio/TV)
  • Preparing for a Placement or Proficiency Test
  • Translation / Thesis help
  • Classical / Modern Persian Poetry and Literature
  • Pretty much everything else related to Farsi / Persian 🙂

Most of my adult life, I have not only been a teacher, but also a student of language and literature. Communication of any sort is my unbridled passion. My most recent linguistic adventure has been learning Spanish and studying Spanish literature produced by my favorite authors. So, I perfectly understand what it takes to learn a language:

  1. Unlimited Curiosity
  2. Unabashed Love for that Language, Literature or Culture
  3. Lots of Courage!

If you have these three qualities when it comes to Farsi, my online class will be the perfect choice for you.

Based on your preference, we can do “Introductory” lessons, “Intermediate” lessons, or “Advanced” lessons. After successful completion of each level, you will be awarded the Farsi Wizard’s “Certificate of Completion”. You can proudly showcase this to others, but most importantly, to yourself 🙂

Ready to start? If so, please proceed to the bottom of this page to choose a class.

About Tina:


Tina is a Native Speaker of Farsi / Persian, born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Her international training, however, shows her flair for exploring different cultures and connecting to people from around the world:

If you would like to have an online class with Tina, please read her students’ reviews and FAQ before deciding which option is better for you. Choosing any of the options below implies that you are in full agreement with Tina’s class cancellation and payment policy explained in the FAQ section.

*** Prices can be adjusted to other currencies for non-EU students. Just email me and I’ll send you payment options.***

Persian Tutor Online Farsi Classes
Sample Online Farsi Class – 30 Minutes 
30 (1 Session of 30-Minute Class: ONLY for NEW STUDENTS to evaluate my style before committing to either of the following packages.)

Persian Tutor Online Farsi Classes
Online Farsi Class – 5 Sessions
€ 255 (5 Sessions of 50-Minute Classes, valid for 5 months)

Persian Tutor Online Farsi Classes
 Online Farsi Class – 10 Sessions
€ 485 (10 Sessions of 50-Minute Classes, valid for 10 months)

Looking for an online Farsi class for your child? See how I can help!