Any Farsi student has to know if he or she can trust a Farsi tutor or not. This is why I have collected a sample of my students’ reviews from all over the web (Language School Teachers, WyzAnt, etc.) for you to read. This is to help you make an informed decision about having online classes with me 🙂

I have to mention that many of my students simply write to me and tell me what a great experience they have had with our Farsi classes. Some are lazy to write online reviews, some give me a shout-out on social media, and others are simply too busy to do either 😉

“Tina is the best language teacher that I have ever had (and speaking 6 languages, I had many of them…). Her classes are always well structured, to the point and especially interesting. She is different than most other teachers in how she uses grammar and vocabulary to teach her students about the culture and customs of Iran. Even my Iranian born husband likes to listen to the classes when he is around. I strongly recommend Tina, on top of that, her schedule is always flexible.”
Caroline Zirakzadeh
CEO of Tourbillon Boutiques (from Switzerland)

“A few weeks ago, I spoke not a single word of Persian, but then the day I decided to learn the Iranian language I started searching the net until I found YOU, Tina. … I shall testify of this someday… oh well, I don’t want to get emotional here!”
Miranda Oben 
Professional Moderator (from Cameroon)

“Tina is an awesome teacher. She likes what she does and this is a major benefit to me as a Farsi student.”
Rodrigo Guim 
Photographer and Filmmaker (from Brazil)

“I love, love, love Tina […] I had some background in the language, but she was able to customize our lessons to help fill in the holes in my patchy grasp of the language. Not only that, Tina is always surprising me with etymologies of words and phrases and clear, organized explanations of grammar. She is clearly passionate about language […] we laugh a lot. I’ve recommended her one-on-one video chat classes to acquaintances without any background in Farsi and they are very happy, as well. Don’t hesitate.”
Sara Hossaini 
Correspondent for KQED (from San Francisco, US)

“Tina was calm and patient, yet we covered a good deal of material in a very effective manner. Highly recommended.”
Jason Konner, Medical Oncologist (from New York, US)

Farsi Student: Painting of Ancient Men and Nowruz by Kamelia Shojaee
“Nowruz” by Kamelia Shojaee


Caroline Zirakzadeh (Updated Review) / CEO of Tourbillon Boutiques

Hours of Instruction: 200+ (Current Student)

Tina is an amazing Farsi teacher; if your aim is to learn not just the language but also to understand the culture and therefore apply your new language skills in more authentic ways, Tina is the best choice. On top of this, Tina is great at customizing the classes to each student, and even to the student’s mood: sometimes I feel that Tina can read my mind and focus more on grammar, oral skills or culture tips. On top of this, she is very flexible with scheduling and always seems to manage to fit my busy schedule.

Annji Domasig / RN at San Francisco General Hospital

Hours of Instruction: 150+ (Current Student)

In the beginning of my lessons, I was terribly nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Initially, my goal was to learn basic Farsi so that I could say a few phrases in my wedding vows and perhaps have some understanding of the language of my in laws. Not only was I able to say my vows within less than (12) one-hour sessions, but I also learned how to write the alphabet and reasonably sound out words to form phrases on my own. Tina eased her way into lessons so that I was less anxious and taught at a pace that was not overwhelming, while recognizing my strengths and weaknesses. She’s the perfect mix of fun personality and professionalism that makes learning a language a positive experience. I highly recommend her as a tutor and I absolutely look forward to continuing my lessons with her.

Bob Star / Manufacturing Engineer

12 July 2015 / Hours of Instruction: 10

Excellent start! I feel like Tina did a good job of evaluating my level and answering my questions. She made me feel respected and gave the lesson a personal quality. I look forward to further study!

Jill Ahooraie / Kindred Hospital of North Florida

July 13, 2013 / Hours of Instructions: 20

Where do I begin? I’ve tried Rosetta Stone, Live Mocha, Mango Languages, and more. Not one of these programs have come close to what I have learned with Tina. She breaks everything down in baby steps, and builds from there thoroughly explaining each and every step. Look no further…she’s the best.

Harry Neale / Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP

09 Feb 2012 / Hours of Instruction: 20

Great lesson. Tina is an excellent Persian tutor. Thanks!

Sasha Forouzandeh / Ares Management

January 3, 2011 / Hours of Instructions: 50

I have tried and failed several times to learn Farsi on my own prior to taking the online classes with Tina. However, right from the first class, I could tell that Tina is a truly exceptional teacher, and that this time I would actually be able to learn and make sense of the language. Her explanations of grammar are extremely helpful and interesting. The way she explains the concepts from the most simple thing to the more complex helps me to make sense of things that I had never been able to understand even after years of being around Farsi speakers. Tina has a gift for being able to explain things in a way that you will remember them, and that will inspire you to want to learn more. I wish there were more instructors like Tina out there – I cannot recommend her classes enough, she is a wonderful instructor.

Richard D. / Student at Roshan Institute for Persian Studies

August 30, 2010 / Hours of Instructions: 100

She is a very effective teacher that caters the course according to your needs. She is great for beginners and advanced students and everything in between. She will take you through the ABC’s of the language and teach you about Iranian culture and how it affects the language. I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Farsi.

Tony P. 

April 20, 2010 / Hours of Instructions: 200

Being skeptical of online language programs I am extremely pleased with the style and structure of Tinas course. Not only does she have a command of both English and Farsi she is also very flexible when it comes to scheduling. I look forward to continuing my studies with her.

Anna Taylor 

February 17, 2009 / Hours of Instructions: 10

Tina is patient and thorough; because she is a native Persian speaker, she understands the intricacies of the language and relays them well. Although I had to cut my lessons short, the amount of time I did get to learn from Tina was enjoyable and worth the money I spent.

Julia Khodabandeh / Marketing Director at Good Food Made Simple

November 29, 2008 / Hours of Instructions: 12

Tina helped me to review some of my previous persian studies before traveling to Iran. Our time also expanded my vocabulary to talk about my profession, foods, and helpful phrases like directions. I would recommend working with Tina. She’s energetic, professional, and fun.

Michael O’Malley / Software Manager at Apollo Video Technology

July 22, 2008 /Hours of Instructions: 20

Ms. R’s enthusiasm and commitment exhibit themselves in both class and email interactions. She is outgoing, responsive and flexible in scheduling, which is a great aid in casual language acquisition. Her curriculum is clear and well-structured; her presentation of topics is planned and practiced. With her help, I went from knowing five or six words to being capable of basic conversation within a few weeks. She also provides current cultural context and insight that, while necessary, simply aren’t available in a self-guided textbook approach. Ms. R. is available between classes and encourages free-form questions. She is an excellent motivator and I look forward to our classes (and, yes, homework). I strongly recommend her to any beginning or intermediate students of Farsi.

I know that after reading all these fabulous reviews, you cannot resist taking a Farsi online class with me 😉 Just give it a try and see how it goes. I will be happy to schedule our class based on your available days and hours, anywhere on the globe you may be.