Video Lessons

Painting of a Persian Lady with Sabze and the Sun: Farsi Lessons
“Traditional Lady” by Kamelia Shojaee

Here you can find many free Farsi Lessons that I have been producing over the past few years. I have received wonderful feedback from Farsi students all over the world. These videos are especially great for those who are visual learners or don’t have access to qualified native tutors and still want to learn conversational Farsi.

I even refer my own students to these videos every now and then, in order for them to review and reinforce the material we have already covered in the class. Also, many of my students decided to sign up for online classes with me simply because they watched these videos and felt comfortable with my teaching style.

Farsi Lessons in a Fun Way!

I explain grammar and vocabulary in a way that is memory-friendly: I give you a small portion of material (less than 5 minutes, in most cases) and then show you how to find logical links between this new piece of information and other things you already know. You can even rely on your knowledge of other languages to learn new concepts more effectively.

I often have a light-hearted approach to teaching in order to make the learning experience as entertaining as possible. However, this may not show as much in the videos, because I am quite a shy person, and have a lot of restraint in front of the camera. Yet, I generally end up making my students laugh during our private classes, and this normally helps them relax and enjoy their process of learning. They usually tell me they didn’t realize how fast the time passed, and that, quite often, they actually look forward to our classes as a means of relaxation!

Either case, I hope you find these Video Lessons helpful and pleasurable to watch. Do not hesitate to re-watch the lessons you find amusing. You can simply bookmark the page and return to it at a later date. Also, don’t forget to check out the “Poetry / Literature” category to take a break from grammar and vocabulary. It is important to keep your learning experience as beautiful, enjoyable and fun as possible 🙂

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