Farsi Vocabulary Book – Volume I

1100 Conversational Persian Words: Farsi Wizard's Vocabulary Book Volume I

Learning new Farsi words can be a challenge, especially when those words are written a certain way but pronounced slightly differently in casual conversations. This is why I decided to write a book containing everyday words as Tehranians actually pronounce them (and not as written in dictionaries). Here you have the first volume of a three-volume series, covering over 1100 conversational Persian words in 10 categories.

How To Use This Book:

This book has been designed based on the frequency of usage of the words involved in various categories in conversational Farsi. You can start by learning the words in each table or section, or you can make your own flashcards based on the contents of each table.

Farsi Wizard’s Vocabulary Book Volume I Features:

    • Over 1100 Conversational Persian words used by Iranians in their everyday life
    • Translation and transliteration provided for each word, so you can use this book without knowing the Persian Alphabet
    • Clickable Categorical Index which makes it easy to navigate the book:


Colors & Patterns



Trips & Directions

Meals & Tastes

House & Furniture

Body Parts

Maladies & Medicines

Sports & Games

    • 75 pages of Printable PDF in case you’d like to print any word tables and use it as a quick reference.

PLEASE NOTE: this is the first volume of a three-part series and covers 10 categories only. Other volumes will cover 10 extra categories each.

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