English Farsi Recipes

Persian Cuisine: Farsi English Recipes

This is a one-of-a-kind 564-page eBook of Printable English Farsi Recipes specially designed for those learning Farsi and passionate about cooking!

The book serves various purposes:

    – Offering easy, modernized recipes suitable for most diets to those who are curious about Iranian Culture and Cuisine

    – Helping Farsi students improve their language skills by:

    Looking at the photos of ingredients along with their names in Farsi in order to remember the shape of each word

    Comparing the Farsi and English ingredients of the same dish to reinforce memorization of the new vocabulary

    Comparing the Farsi and English recipes for the same dish to learn sentence structure intuitively

    – Helping Farsi speakers living in English-speaking countries learn various ingredients’ names and culinary terms

    – Helping Iranians teach non-Iranians how to cook Persian food

    – Encouraging ALL readers to have a fun experience learning either Farsi or English 🙂

The English Farsi Recipe Book has:

  • A General index of 110 dishes’ names in Farsi, English, and Pinglish
  • Specific Indices of Iron-Rich, Calcium-Rich, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free dishes in English and Pinglish
  • Inserted links to useful sources and various chapters for easier navigation
  • Each Printable Recipe comes with:
  • The photo of ingredients labeled in Farsi
  • The ingredients’ list in Farsi and English
  • The recipe in Farsi and English
  • The photo of the dish with the name of the dish in Pinglish 

This also makes a wonderful gift for yourself or anyone who is learning either Farsi or English or simply a family member who wants to learn how to cook healthy Persian dishes 🙂

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