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Learn Persian: Farsi Video LessonsHere you have a full list of Farsi Video Lessons that I have been producing over the years (The topics are alphabetically ordered.) Remember to check back this page once a month for updates, as I add new links right after uploading videos. Another way to stay updated is to simply go to my YouTube channel and click on the red tab you see in the right corner:

Video Farsi Lessons

Enjoy these Farsi Video Lessons!


Persian Alphabet B, P, T, S

Persian Alphabet J, CH, H, KH

Persian Alphabet D, Z, R, ZH

Persian Alphabet S, SH, N

Persian Alphabet S, T, Z

Persian Alphabet A, E, O, AA

Persian Alphabet F, Q, M

Persian Alphabet A’, GH, K, G

Persian Alphabet L, V

Persian Alphabet H, Y

Animals & Nature

Funny Animals

Animals: Show and Tell

Persian Cats

Nature I

Nature II


Colors and Adjectives

Reviewing Adjectives

Comparative & Superlative Adjectives

More Colors

Body Parts



Happiness and Sadness

To Say Bye

Addressing People (Mr and Mrs)

Likes and Dislikes

Casual Conversation


To Haggle 


Immediate Family Members

8 Words for “Cousin”


Why Learn Farsi?

Cultures and Languages of Iran


Easy Fruits and Vegetables

Food and Cooking Words

Iranian Rice Dishes

Iranian Aash


Greeting 101

Extended Greeting

Introducing Yourself


Common Jobs


Love Words

“I love you.”

The Verb “To Love”

Memory “Tricks”

Farsi Vs. English Words

Easy Farsi Words

Remembering Farsi Words: 1

Remembering Farsi Words: 2

Memorizing New Words


1, 2, 3


Invitation to a Party


Happy Birthday!

Father’s Day

Mother’s Day

“Haft-Seen”: Persian New Year Table

Persian New Year’s Greeting

13th Day of Persian New Year

Valentine’s Chocolate & Flower

Have a good year!


Birth, Wedding, Funeral

Yalda Celebration: The Origin

Yalda Night: A Quick Introduction


Contemporary Poetry: Fereydoon Moshiri

Hafez: 1

Hafez: 3

Hafez: 4

Hafez: 5

Hafez: 16

Hafez: 17

Hafez Day

Short Story

Rumi: 579 (Farsi, English, Spanish)

Hafez: 184 (Farsi, English, Spanish)

Hafez: 428

Rumi: Song of the Reed

Danish Singer Playing a Persian Song! (1)

Danish Singer Playing a Persian Song! (2)

Sa’di’s Ghazal 402: “I Remain Loyal to You” 

Poem in Farsi, English, and Spanish: “Seven Times”

Forough Farrokhzad’s “On This Soil”: Farsi, English, and Spanish

Italian Poem Recited in 4 Languages 


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Days of the Week





Verbs and Word Order

Simple Sentences: Adjectives

“No” Words

“Wh” Words

The Verb “To Be”

The Verb “To Go”

The Verb “To See”

Compound Verbs

Negative Verbs

Direct Object: “Raa”

Present Perfect Tense (“I have gone.”)

Verbs “To Swim” and “To Play”

Verbs “To Eat” and “To Drink”

Verbs “to Talk” or “To Speak”

Reviewing Past and Present Tense Verbs

Reviewing Present Perfect 

Reviewing Past Perfect

Reviewing Compound Verbs

COVID19 Verbs


Simple Sentences: Weather

Simple Sentences: Seasons

Summer Talk

Winter Words

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