10 Persian Songs to Learn Farsi With

I personally believe that learning any language should be lots of fun, so I have compiled an exciting list of 10 Persian Songs for you to use as part of the fun of learning Farsi:

Learn Farsi with Persian Songs

1. “Dishab” [“Last Night”]

This soothing song is performed by the talented Marjan Farsad whose style is relaxed and elegant. My personal favorite is “Khoone-ye Maa” [“Our House”] which I had already recommended in the “Learning Materials” section. This song, however, is accompanied by Persian lyrics, English translation, and a list of useful words at the end of the video, making it a wonderful source for Farsi learners:

Watch and Listen: Dishab

2. “Portoghaal-e Man” [“My Orange”]

Another great song by Marjan Farsad, presented to you in this video which offers all the goodies at once: Persian lyrics, Transliteration, and English Translation:

Watch and Listen: Portoghaal-e Man

3. “Hamishe Baa Ham-im” [“Always We Are Together”]

This is one of my personal favorites by 25band. The band is composed of a couple: the wife Tamin, who is a singer and dancer, and the husband, A-del, who is a composer and singer. They have their own unique style, and have produced some cool music videos as well:

Watch and Listen: Hamishe Baa Ham-im

4. “Majnoon-e Leyli” [“Majnun of Layla”]

This is a song by Mazyar Falahi, whose title has been inspired by the story of Layla and Majnun, a Persian poem composed in the 12th century:

Watch and Listen: Majnoon-e Leyli

Persian Songs to Learn Farsi

5. “Del-e Koochooloo” [“Little Heart”]

This song was performed by Mahasti in the 90s. She was probably the most famous female pop singer of the pre-revolution era after her sister, Hayedeh, and the iconic Googoosh:

Watch and Listen: Del-e Koochooloo

6. “Age Ye Rooz” [“If One Day”]

This is a guitar song by Faramarz Aslani. The words are pronounced in a clear way, so it is a great choice for those just starting with Farsi:

Watch and Listen: Age Ye Rooz (Transliteration)

Watch and Listen: Age Ye Rooz (Persian Lyrics & English Translation)

7. “Soosan Khaanoom” [“Miss Susan”]

This is a hilarious song by the underground pop band, Barobax (a variation of the word “Barobach” meaning “Neighborhood Kids”). Their music videos are wacky, and refreshing to watch, so remember to check out the music video of this song after learning the lyrics:

Watch and Listen: Soosan Khaanoom (Transliteration & English Translation)

8. “Behet Ghol Midam” [“I Promise You”]

This is quite a popular song performed in recent years by the young singer and musician, Mohsen Yeganeh. You can hear the audience singing along in the background:

Watch and Listen: Behet Ghol Midam (Persian Lyrics & English Translation)

Learn Persian with Iranian Songs: A Bird Is Singing

9. “Baaroon” [“The Rain”]

This song was one of my favorites when I was a teenager. It is performed by Arian Band. This song along with its English lyrics, Persian lyrics and Transliteration is, in fact, one of the listening exercises I use for my beginner students. I could not find an online video including all of these three elements, but here is a link to the Persian lyrics (easy to understand if you know the Persian alphabet):

Watch and Listen: Baaroon

10. “Del Yaar” [“The Friend of the Heart”]

The young, talented singer Sara Naeini performs this lyric poem, speaking of the pain and desire involved in the process of loving. The lyrics may be difficult to understand for the beginners of Farsi, as the language is poetic, but the song itself is beautiful to listen to and if you can read the Persian alphabet, you can identify the words and look them up in a bilingual dictionary:

Watch and Listen: Del Yaar

I hope you enjoy learning Farsi listening to these beautiful songs 🙂

By the way, if you ever hear any Persian song that you like and want to know what the lyrics mean, just drop me a line and I will get the song translated and publish it in a blog post.

Taa ba’d! [Till later!]

2 Replies to “10 Persian Songs to Learn Farsi With”

  1. Kheyli mamnoon! I enjoyed your selections very much!!

    My dear Iranian friend, Mohammad Montasseri, is now living in Canada and he will soon become a Canadian citizen on January 10, 2020. I and my daughter will be attending the ceremony.

    I was wondering if you knew of a traditional – or just a BEAUTIFUL – Iranian song that my daughter (an accomplished soprano) could sing for him on this occasion.

    Thank you so much!


    Patrick Owens
    (219) 775 -1119

    1. Khaahesh mikonam, Patrick! I really appreciate your feedback 🙂

      There are so many beautiful songs to choose from, but I suggest that you check Darya Dadvar’s collection. I think your daughter will like her and can find a song that she can sing for this special occasion 🙂

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